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  1. BIG THANKS to BOTH Jon B. and Chuck!
  2. Another big thanks to the Wizard!
  3. Suggested Review Format
  4. Spark Plug Wires
  5. Chuck Does It Yet Again!!!
  6. Alarm intermitent problem solved thanks to Chuck T!
  7. Where has Tator's been all my life?
  8. Support Vendors like Chuck Tator!
  9. Chuck Tator is the man
  10. Chuck Tator to the rescue!
  11. Tators Dodge RULES
  12. Thank You Chuck & Crew!!!
  13. Thanks Mr. Tator
  14. Tator's enhances the viper ownership expirience a 100 fold.
  15. Thank You Chuck Tator!
  16. Thank You Chuck Tator!
  17. Thank you Chuck
  18. Props to Chuck Tator & Neil-UK
  19. Thanks For the Parts Chuck
  20. Thank you to Chuck Tator
  21. As always.....
  22. Chuck Tator for President 2012!!!
  23. Tator's Is Just Ridiculous...
  24. Thank You Chuck Tator!
  25. Mr. Chuck Tator correct AGAIN...
  26. Vendor Review - Tator's Dodge
  27. Thank You Chuck TATOR!!!
  28. Viper Wizard to the Rescue
  29. Thanks Chuck Tator !
  30. Tator Garage and My 2004 Viper!
  31. Viper Wizard is da man
  32. Package Turned up
  33. Special Thanks/Tators Garage
  34. Cant say enough about Chuck
  35. Thanks Chuck Tator! Awesome service>
  36. Chuck Tator National Celebrity !!
  37. Thanks To Chuck, Refinished Hardtop on RT
  38. Let us be thankful...
  39. * Thank You Mr. Tator *
  40. Chuck Tator shout out.
  41. Another Chuck Tator story.
  42. Thank You To Rob At Tators
  43. Thanks JonB and Chuck
  44. Thanks to Jon B and Chuck Tator
  45. Just received some parts I ordered from Chuck.
  46. Thanks to the Vendors!!
  47. Another great experience!
  48. The Wiz Strikes Again
  49. Chuck Tator - solving Viper problems across the country.
  50. Car getting squirly with Eibach's or is it you?
  51. Chuck Helped with a Bent Pushrod
  52. Yes, another Chuck Tator is the man thread!!!
  53. Thanks again to Chuck for top notch service and knowledge
  54. Got My Rear Wing Put on At Chuck's! Yay! (Pics)
  55. Special thanks to the Wizard
  56. Shout Out to Chuck Tator and Tom Hayden (Tom's 40mm rear brake upgrade)! Thank you!!!
  57. Thanks To Chuck Again.
  58. Thanks Roe and Tator
  59. Thanks Chuck - great job fixing Gen3 clutch problem
  60. Big thanks to Tator's Garage
  61. Chuck Tators does it again!
  62. The Wizard "Strikes" Again!
  63. Chuck does it yet again....
  64. The Wizard: A class act!
  65. Thank goodness for Chuck Tator the Viper Wizard !!!
  66. Chuck Saved my bacon (well again)
  67. California smog testing and sales tax