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  1. 2013 Viper mule out and about
  2. 2013 Viper to drop the Dodge name...
  3. 2013 Gen5 Speculation... What We Know... What We Think ?
  4. a little birdie says......
  5. 2013 SRT Viper pricing? (ALLPAR)
  6. 2013 Viper Reveal Party Update >>
  7. Official 2013 Viper Reveal Party Update >>
  8. Official Hotel of the VCA for NY Auto Show with Cocktail Party, let's meet Stryker
  9. Will the 2013 Viper be the Indy Pace car?
  10. Car and Driver 2013 Viper Photo
  11. 2013 Viper note on web
  12. New Viper during the Super Bowl--lost opportunity
  13. My 2013 Viper Illustration
  14. 2013 Viper 660hp
  15. my 2013 viper render from the srt drawing.
  16. 2013 Concept Based on spy photo.
  17. What about the REAR of the 2013 Viper??!?
  18. Who's Going to the Reveal Party?
  19. GEN V Countdown
  20. Thanks for the Gen 5 forum
  21. sanity check
  22. REMINDER!!!! Oil change day in two weeks!
  23. Gen V-based Factory Road Race Team? Suggested by Autoweek:
  24. Gen V Seat? Photo was available on the net.
  25. Another teaser photo posted by SRT on facebook?
  26. So I was surfing google...
  27. Merchandise/memorabiblia, let's get the show going!
  28. new viper hot wheels car
  29. Spied: 2013 Viper SRT Roadster on public roads! Automobile Magazine
  30. And now...leaked Gen 5 hood molds?
  31. Comparing Gen5 Leak Photos here...
  32. Viper GTS moniker to return?
  33. Viper gala in New York
  34. one thing that has me worry about Gen 5
  35. Are you disappointed side exhaust will return?
  36. First Production GEN V Viper
  37. *FOUND* 2013 SRT Viper Hot Wheel diecast pics! (rear end!)
  38. Have we always known the Gen V was gonna be a warmed over Gen IV?
  39. Tires/wheels for the 2013 Viper guesses
  40. Viper Philosophy
  41. Why the fuss over the April Reveal? Gen V already spotted
  42. Gen V purchase deposit
  43. Prototype parts for the 2013 Viper.
  44. BBurago GOT the memo....
  45. How similar will it be?
  46. F12 Benchmark for the Gen V?
  47. high quality rendering found. (spoiler alert?)
  48. How does one register for the NYC reveal?
  49. Dodge better bring the rain!
  50. Can anyone confirm this re: Gen v viper?
  51. Looking Forward to Buying my First Viper
  52. Anyone have an extra ticket to the viper gala in ny?
  53. I have an Extra ticket to Viper Reveal in NYC
  54. Live debut webcast?
  55. Need 1 ticket to the Viper Gala
  56. NY Auto Show spoiler- 621HP & 738lb-ft
  57. 2013 Gen V picture on Leftlanenews
  58. Crickets
  59. Caravan to Gala?
  60. Wish List
  61. Request by SRT on their Facebook page
  62. New teaser Facebook 2013 likes in 2013 minutes
  63. 2012 Shelby Mustang; 950 hp. Intro at New York Auto Show
  64. cloaked Gen V on new live reveal page.
  65. Live Reveal Posted
  66. Viper 2013 Gala Challenge
  67. we made the list :D
  68. NY Auto Show Discount Coupons
  69. DriveSRT Teaser 3/29/12
  70. Interior Pic Just Released
  71. 2013 Certificate????
  72. What are the chances of 0% financing for 60 months?
  73. Why Is There Nothing About the Viper on the NY Auto Show Site ?
  74. Your 2013 Viper Questions answered a little Early??
  75. 2013 SRT Viper teaser four: one last look before the debut.
  76. The V ACR
  77. Breaking: Gen v debut pushed back
  78. I don't want the Gen V Coupe, but....
  79. New high technology camshaft for Gen V
  80. I'm predicting a Factory Paxton as an option
  81. Will the gen V have enough to keep the new c7 in 2nd place?
  82. Gen 5 total leak!!
  83. 4 teasers later...
  84. Worst teaser campaign ever
  85. Autoblog Gen V Rendering!
  86. Gen V roadster
  87. Need 1 ticket to cocktail party!
  88. Viper Unveiling 4-4-12 !!!
  89. Images to kill the time
  90. Gen V images leaked
  91. Won't be able to sleep tonight....
  92. Are you ready for some real news?
  93. More CGI Renderings...
  94. 2013 how different? Do you expect it to be a major platform change?
  95. ... and the live reveal shocker will be?
  96. When mixing Italian with American...
  97. Picture from NY
  98. The first official picture from our guys on the ground!!
  99. SRT Site over Burdened ??
  100. New Gen V Pic at Auto Show
  101. Only 640 hp? WTF
  102. waiting for first cell phone pic
  103. Welcome the 2013 SRT Viper GTS
  104. Behind the scene video shoot of the 2013 Viper from Road & Track Magazine
  105. Motor Trend: 69 Pics
  106. Screen Captures from the 2013 Viper Presentation
  107. 2013 SRT Viper GTS = ACR?
  108. From the American Lemans Website
  109. 7 min Hi Res video of 2013 Viper GTS running on the street. Ignition sounds at 4:00
  110. viper week at autoweek w/vid
  111. unveil video?
  112. Why did they unveil it in that hideous color? Should have been VIPER RED!
  113. New Viper is huge letdown
  114. Two price classes...what does that mean?
  115. GTS-R Wind Tunnel Testing
  116. The new viper is amazing!
  117. Listing positives
  118. Little bit Ferrari, little Aston Martin, whole lot of Viper
  119. Can some shop a GTS over the new. Their profiles look pretty darn close.
  120. Track Pack?
  121. The Gev V car.
  122. Attention jeff lemke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  123. Pics of the base model? Where?
  124. youtube video of 2013 Viper
  125. Dear Ralph
  126. Gen V Supercar Write Up on Yahoo Home Page
  127. gen V in original GTS colors
  128. A few photos from the launch today...
  129. D2 Forged - 2013 Viper
  130. Jalopnik Information sounds promising
  131. Plastic engine covers look terrible..
  132. 2013 GenV Viper GTS-R Video
  133. As slippery as an Escalade
  134. Gen V in motion (video)
  135. Aftermarket wheels already! :)
  136. What is in the track package besides tires?
  137. I like it.....
  138. I have decided to reserve judgement.......
  139. Will it live up to our holy grail
  140. The Gen VI
  141. 2013 Viper at MATS???
  142. Gen V Debut Compared to the Gen III Debut ?
  143. Traditions die hard but I'll help SRT Generate some sales
  144. Absolutely LOVE this shot!
  145. Poll needed here for the new Viper
  146. Thinking the SRT Viper...
  147. 2013 Viper Poll
  148. Tranny ..I was wishing for F1 Paddel Style Shifter
  149. Discussion: Brakes and Handeling
  150. Why is the launch video so tame and upscale? No burnout or drifting?
  151. =( Wow, and I was really spun up to see this, too. =(
  152. Why is the launch video so tame
  153. Back of new Viper looks like new Fisker Model
  154. What I want RIGHT NOW
  155. Any photos of the other exterior colors yet?
  156. Stripes??
  157. GTS-R info
  158. Wheel pics from the Gala
  159. If SRT really listened to what we wanted....
  160. Thank you Ralph and SRT team!
  161. New "Cognac" interior from Gala
  162. The actual VOI car pics from Gala
  163. compression ratio
  164. Where does the plate go : >)
  165. Hey "wah it's not 700 hp" folks- learn a lesson from the digital camera world
  166. New 2013 Viper looks like a "Chick Car"
  167. Post GEN V articles and Videos here:
  168. No DI?
  169. What Will Clarkson and Tanner Say About the Gen V ?
  170. I have mine picked out.
  171. Where were they testing the Gen V
  172. Gearing - Gears/Speeds Calculations
  173. 2013 SRT Viper GTS-R image - this one says it all
  174. Pricing
  176. One great change no one is talking about
  177. So, was Hennessey a design consultant on the front end?
  178. Corvette
  179. Corvette Forum members are less critical of the 2013 Viper
  180. Video: Motor Trend initial look at 2013 SRT Viper
  181. Fog Lights!!??
  182. New viper will handle low boost supercharger and turbo kits!!!
  183. More photos for you...
  184. Awesome SRT informational videos! SRT I applaud you in every way!
  185. Succinct thoughts on the Gen V from all perspectives
  186. Anyone catch this? What's the significance of May 2045?
  187. Is the $137,000 GTS price tag for real?
  188. GTS Blue GEN V on ADV's, PS...
  189. Three Generations - A Photo Comparison
  190. Motor week must not like it
  191. So Now That gen 5 is out do you still choose it over?
  192. Death of the Viper
  193. Who do I strike first ...
  194. Horsepower
  195. Color Match Front Grill for Gen V
  196. Complete spec sheet
  197. Any guesses on what the Gev-V GTS hood would cost to replace ;)
  198. Oh for god sakes
  199. Video: Ralph Gilles explaining the car aerodynamics.
  200. Disappointed - The Phantom Menace
  201. Gen V Price???
  202. Seriously.... $%*# a Corvette...
  203. Why did they leave out...........
  204. Excellent article on the new Viper
  205. Blue Steel GEN V with OZ racing wheels...
  206. Reducing the price of the Gen V starts with the owners.
  207. Anyone know if there will be a Gen 5 convertible ?
  208. Apology to Ralph Gilles and Dick Winkles
  209. Things you gotta love about the Gen V
  210. SRT Viper #001 to be sold for charity, How much?
  211. Yet Another Poll...
  212. IMO - please pay attention
  213. Went to the NY auto show today
  214. Certiricates?
  215. I don't know about you guys....
  216. Pictures of the SRT Version ??
  217. great hood shot I took
  218. Beautiful beyond words.........
  219. 2016 Vert
  220. Other then BLING BLING what's the benefit of clamshell hood?
  221. My cheeseball thank you to the Chrysler/SRT for keeping the viper alive
  222. Gen V design easter eggs.
  223. Gen 5 Supplier Changes: Oil and tires...
  224. Is the ACR name and big-asp wing officially dead?
  225. Only over the pond in UK?
  226. Thank you SRT for giving us 2 models
  227. How about some WHITE photo shops?
  228. The Verdict
  229. Laguna Seca and the 'Ring' Track Maps Emboss
  230. Possible colors from promo videos
  231. Pics from Viper Gala
  232. Pics of 2013 Viper at NY Auto Show
  233. Single striped?
  234. British Racing Green GEN V on ADV's...
  235. Gen V - How much of the design and engineering resources were outsourced?
  236. Why no BIG BLINGING 20 - 22" wheels on the GEN V???
  237. Aluminum wiring? Question for SRT.
  238. Photoshop please for a computer moron.
  239. Anyone know how the trunk opens?
  240. New Poll---Buying a Gen.V SRT Coupe or a Gen. V GTS Coupe or........
  241. Gen V ALMS
  242. My opinion
  243. Steel Graphite GEN V Vert with Vossen Concaves...
  244. Wonder what the discussions are like over at Chevrolet
  245. Disappointed with the SRT staff at the NY auto show...
  246. GEN V rolling on ADV's...
  247. Video of the GEN V Powertrain
  248. GEN V on 360 Forged Concaves...
  249. Well, I guess after careful review, I'm hanging on to my Gen4 ...
  250. New Viper makes front page on MSN.com