View Full Version : Red GTS for sale in SC... who's is it?

07-18-2001, 05:26 PM
Is the person who has the Red GTS sitting out on Corvette World, Greenville SC's lot on this board? If your him (or her...) please follow up to this w/ the specs and any other info. I love cars, but I'd rather not deal with Corvette World in any form of business...

07-19-2001, 03:44 PM
I don't know about the upgrades... me and corvette world don't get along to well... They tried to sell me a fake 440+6 superbee once, and I've heard lots of people who got screwed (you'll notice a purple/brown 78 corvette w/ side pipes come up in the autotrader nearly every 6 months or so... it has changed hands like 50 times. Came from there).

Corvette World is located on Laurens road, like your heading down the motor mile. If your comming from mauldin/simpsonville, it's towards downtown Greenville, or vice versa for the other direction. I think the Mauldin Rd exit off 85 puts you real close to it. Right down from CarMax if you know where that is. They had it sitting out front the other day, but now it's back behind the fence. Red GTS coupe. I'm sure they would let you mess with it if you drove up in your GTS, but they don't give me the time of day (They are just @$$holes to deal with, plain and simple).

I just wanted to know who's it was, and if they were a member of any of the local mopar clubs as well... No biggie.