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What are the Posting Policies?

Board Policies
      To maintain an enjoyable, civil, yet informative and fun environment, the VCA forums have set up a Posting Policy:

The purpose of the Viper Club of America shall be…
  1. To help members have more fun with their Vipers. To encourage and promote the admiration for and the ownership, care and maintenance with safe and courteous operation of the VIPER automobile.
  2. To be a unified voice for Viper owners. To serve as a medium of exchange of ideas, information and parts for owners of the VIPER, to aid in preserving these automobiles in the original likeness.
  3. To act as liaison between Dodge and Viper owners. To provide an organization for club members to meet, socialize and maintain the spirit of good fellowship and to participate in activities including the use of their VIPER both regionally and as part of the VIPER Club of America (VCA).
  4. To actively pursue ways to participate in charitable events including car shows and via monetary donations from the club treasury.
  5. To further the interest of owners and drivers of the VIPER and to promote the safety and enjoyment of motoring in all phases.
  6. To operate within the scope of the law.
  7. The club shall be a non-profit organization.
  8. The club shall be non-sectarian and non-partisan
In accordance with the Club's purpose, the following policy is in effect for the VCA Website:
  1. All posts must conform to a standard that is acceptable in content to Prime Time Broadcast Network TV (TVPG Nudity, pornography or profanity (this includes "unique" spelling of profane words) will not be tolerated. Posts not maintaining this standard will be subject to deletion.
  2. Personal assaults, threats, stalking, promotion or suggestions of illegal activity, use of copyrighted material, fraudulent statements, or comments derogatory to any social group or individual will be subject to deletion.
  3. Posts attacking other posters rather than disagreeing with the post will be subject to deletion.
  4. Posts disparaging any of the moderators or the administrator will be deleted. Additionally, posts implying derogatory meanings whether by "double entendre" or inference will be subject to deletion.
  5. Attempts at thread hijacking (malicious posting in a fashion to a topic, with intent to change the initial focus) will be subject to deletion.
  6. Speculative posts relating to future DCX products or other Viper related items will be subject to deletion.
  7. Redundancy, Spamming or flooding the board with post after post just to annoy people, bumping a topic to bring its' position to the top of the forum, or multiple new threads that, in the sole opinion of the moderator, may tend to annoy or disparage another user will be subject to deletion.
  8. Posts asking why a post was removed, and posts asking why a warning/strike/ban was or was not issued to a user will be subject to deletion. If a post was removed, a moderator felt it violated one of the policies.
  9. Negative statements about vendors, customers, or others must be first hand, and substantiated. Furthermore, we reserve the right to hold negative posts until substantiated, and to give the parties reasonable time to work it out.
  10. For the protection of our users, any advertiser or non-advertiser/vendor with repeated-documented evidence of inappropriate business ethics, can be removed from, by "blanking out", or removing entirely, the use of the company's name (including any other firm name in which the offending business owner is a principal, partner or licensee) from any and all postings."
  11. Classified ad posts to the forums will be subject to deletion. Commercial posts will be subject to deletion with the exception of approved commercial posts by site sponsors. Please note that classified ads, in our classifieds area, are free to VCA members.
  12. "Group buy" posts are only allowed in the Special Group Buy forum by current VCA Members and only on behalf of paid site sponsors. All other "group buy" posts will be subject to deletion.
  13. Event posts to the forums by non-VCA Members will be subject to deletion. If you wish to announce an event, please contact the regional president for that area and coordinate it accordingly. Event posts are allowed only by paid VCA members/officers and should be posted in the appropriate regional forum where the event is to take place.
  14. Posts, uploads, links, or specific descriptive mention (by declaring their name, even if it is not an exact link) of material or web sites that do not meet the policies set fourth in the policy guidelines, or that use licensed or copywrited material without permission are prohibited and will be subject to deletion
  15. The Viper Club of America nor its sponsors condone illegal street racing. As such, there will be no posts promoting or reporting such activity. This includes descriptions, pictures, or videos. The VCA encourages you to "take it to the track" and drive safely.
  16. Any suggestions, ideas, or discussions regarding the VCA web site should be posted to the appropriate (web site suggestions) topic area. We welcome your input.
  17. If a post violates the Posting Policy and has been removed, the entire thread or topic will be subject to deletion.
  18. A moderator may turn off the account, for a short term, of someone violating the Posting Policy.
  19. Site Sponsor: Site Sponsors shall only post solicitation for business, contact information, prices, invitations to buy, etc., through posts in the Vipers & Vendors Section or directly to a User through the PM or E-Mail feature. Site Sponsor posts answering general questions with technical information may be made outside of the V & V Section but must conform to the above defined criteria. Site Sponsors shall not post criticism of VCA Business Policies, another Sponsor or a Sponsor's products in any Forum. Any such comments shall be made in the VCA Suggestion Box or directly to the Website Committee.
  20. The VCA Web Committee may, with a majority decision, request the Admin to place any User Account into a "Moderated Status." Users with a Moderated Status may post, but each of their posts will be reviewed by a moderator prior to the post showing up on the forums. A Moderator will determine and take the appropriate action without explanation within 24 hours. Possible moderator actions include: Approving the post "as is", editing, deleting, or moving the post into the appropriate forum.
Title, Signature, User Name, & Avatar Policy

Contents must not violate the Posting Policy

Title: The primary Titles are: VCA Member, Viper Owner, Site Sponsor, and Enthusiast. Sponsors in good standing with the VCA shall have the Title of Site Sponsor in their profile.

Signatures: Three lines of plain text, maximum 250 characters, and no images. Signatures that include a corporate entity or business reference are permitted only for Forum Level Sponsors of the VCA

User Name: User Names that include or promote a corporate entity or business are permitted only for Forum Level Sponsors of the VCA.

Avatars: Avatars are available only to VCA Members and are subject to approval. Avatars will be Dodge Viper themed. Avatars that include or promote a corporate entity or business are not permitted.

Suspension Rules

These are in place for those who consistently violate the Posting Policy or violate it in an extreme way. Moderators will issue warnings, attempting to guide users away from unacceptable posting practices. Repeated or severe violations will result in a strike.

  1. A two-strike rule is in effect. Violators of the Posting Policy may be assessed "Strikes" in accordance with the Suspension Rules.
  2. A post deletion is not necessarily a strike and a warning is not necessarily a strike.
  3. If a User posts in a manner that a moderator believes merits a strike, the moderator will send a request for a strike to the web committee. The committee will vote within 72 hours and a majority decides. A Strike or Banned Notice will be sent to the email address in the User's profile.
  4. The First Strike carries a 2 week suspension of access to Member Only areas and loss of all posting privileges on the VCA website.
  5. The Second Strike eliminates access to Member Only areas and loss of all posting privileges on the VCA Website indefinitely. Reinstatement of privileges may occur at a point in the future. The process is through a request for reinstatement made only by the violator to the web site committee.
  6. Although not the intention of the VCA to limit the accessibility of this site to anyone, exceptionally vile behavior may warrant an immediate and indefinite suspension of access to Member Only areas and all posting privileges
This policy applies to ALL areas of the Viper Club of America Web Site: forums, chat, signatures, galleries, classifieds, calendars, user names, PM's, etc.

How do I post images in the photo galleries?

Following is some direction on how to view your galleries and upload photos into your galleries.

First, you will need to locate your gallery, so go to the VCA HOME PAGE. in the top menu bar, look for the word MEDIA, and click on that.

located slightly down from the top, in the middle of the page, it will read MEMBERS GALLERIES. ALL members galleries are here for the time being.

To view your photos or upload photos into your gallery, you will need to be logged in.

another menu bar, at the top and to the right, reads:
Home · Search · Profile · Upload Photos · Logout (or Login)
if it says LOGOUT, you are logged in and are set. however, if it says LOGIN, then you are logged out, and will need to login. so, click on LOGIN.

here, you will need to enter your USERNAME, and a PASSWORD. hit submit, and you are now logged in.

NOTE: your forum password may not work as your photo gallery password! try using the same, but if it does not work, you may need to request a new password!

if you wish to see YOUR gallery, or wish to UPLOAD photos in your gallery, look for a menu bar near the top, and to the left, that reads:
My Photos · My Favorites
click on MY PHOTOS. you should now see your gallery.

to upload photos into your gallery, look again for the menu bar at the top, and to the right, that reads:
Home · Search · Profile · Upload Photos · Logout
click on a BROWSE button to help the VCA computer locate the photo ready for upload. repeat if you have multiple photos.

click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page to upload the photo(s). NOTE: depending on the size of the photo(s), the upload may take some time. so, please be patient.

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