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    I'm on this site all day. To avoid me having to switch back and forth to other sites, is there a way to have a running, small corner of the site where the DJA, Nasd, and S&P numbers could show? I'd like to see what the market is doing while I'm talking about my 70K+ car.
    Not even to get quotes. Just let me know what the market is up to.

    Just a thought.

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    I wish I could help out more, but there are some sites that offer real time streaming stock quotes that can be intergrated into M.S. Windows. If you do some searching with the brokerage houses, you'll find links to them. I used to have this.... But just got tired of seeing AOL plummet!


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    Have you considered using AOL Instant Messenger. I use it for what you talked about (stock indexes) plus I keep in touch with my wife and close friends all day. My kids taught me how to use it. You do not have to be an AOL user.

    It is free and I think you will find it a great tool. This is the site to download the software. You will have a little running man in your tray icon's at the bottom at all times.

    If this does not work for you go to and click on Instant Messenger.

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