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    Default Send TN Governor email

    Here's the link to send Tennessee Governor Sundquist an email. Let him know how you feel about how his troopers treated the family and killed their harmless dog.
    If you feel the way I do about this, that the cops were out of line, my advice would be to identify your feelings in the subject line. They might read that far.

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    Default Re: Send TN Governor email

    Titled: The trooper atrocity


    I wanted to share my feelings with you. The entire series of events that happened to the family [that has recently been all over the press] and the families dog, leaves me speachless.

    Please reprimand the parties responsible for the horrific tragedy- and I don't mean a slap on the hand. These actions are of the stature that people lose their job over!

    This family, as well as myself, will never see the law in the same way thanks to your over-zealous super troopers.

    All the best,
    Edwarwd E. Traylor, III

    That is what I sent to him.

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    Default Re: Send TN Governor email

    Sounds good. I also added that he should take action on this too.

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