Just got through taking a few laps around the new 1.8 mile road course at No Problem Raceway Park (west of New Orleans). Unfortunately, I was in a new Volkswagen Jetta . I was in the area and decided to go have a look and they ended up letting me take a few laps (sure wish I had been driving the Viper!) Anyway, the track looks to be quite decent although I couldn't get a feel for it in the Jetta!! It is a fairly tight course with a 1900 foot straight.

For those of us in Southeast Louisiana who've been tired of having no local place to race (unless you're a dirt tracker or drag racer), it looks like we just got a new place to spend our weekend hours and dollars. While talking with one of the owners, he mentioned that the local Ferrari club had already reserved a lot of dates. I think it might be time for us New Orleans area Viper owners to start letting our presence be known!!

BTW they also have a drag strip. Check it out[http://www.noproblemraceway.com[/url]