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    What is the general consensus on having a Michelin Pilot Sport repaired? Pulled a screw out of a back tire this afternoon, took it to my "tire guy" and had it plugged. Hole was in the tire tread face between the raised sections of the tread. He did what he called a "high speed" tire repair. Should I be worried about the tire at speed?

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    I had one in one of my pilots since about 1k on the car, and never had any sort of problem. Had the car to 150 or so on numerous times, which thinking back might have been pushing it. But the patch held, although many would recomend buying another tire if you are planning on severe speeds.

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    Just spend a couple hundie and replace the tire. Maximum performance tires should not be repaired/plugged IMHO. If you're doing any track days, drag racing, or high speed cruising, do you really want to risk your viper or maybe your life because a tire shreds. No thanks.

    just my two c's

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