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    Default Las Vegas Vipers,Vettes, and Supra\'s. Oct 3,4 come on SoCal vipers

    I talked to one of the event directors of the Supras invade vegas and there is going to be 200+ supras. THis is the biggest supra event in the world. I think there will only be 10-15 vipers. Socal vipers make the 3-4 hour trek to vegas so we don't embarass ourselves. There are supposed to be several 8 and 9 second supras that will be kicking my butt.

    Bring that bad boy down here for the weekend.

    Any support would be greatly appreciated.

    Anyone owner who wants to check out/ride in my Roe/Macedo/[******] viper is welcome to come. We will be at the track for test n tune and midnight mayhem on friday and the shootout on saturday starting at ~2 o'clock pm.

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    Default Re: Las Vegas Vipers,Vettes, and Supra\'s. Oct 3,4 come on SoCal vipers

    If I can get a sitter for the kids, I'll try to come out Friday night.

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