Lets hope this person does not read the forums.....

This ad was just placed in the classifieds... We need some help if possible gettign with the Swedish equivalent of the FBI (if the person is really in Swenden). He scammed a Florida Viper owner out of over $8000. Here's the scam. His phone is a prepaid cell phone, the bank account he uses is an internet bank acount which he closes as soon as the paymetn arrives. He has no parts, but is nice enough to include shipping. It is all 100% fraud. The phone number in this ad is his "new number".... can anyone get with the proper authorities to set this fellow up? Track the cell phone?

Right now I have the email in the ad set to go to me, but left the phone number so as not to tip him off.... I figure we have about a week.

Ad Information
Category: Viper Parts & Accessories
Subcategories: Engine, Intake and Exhaust
Price 15000 US dollar
New/Used Used
For Sale By Private Party
complete engine including databox and cabels crashed from back
gearbox 7000US dollar
Shipping is including in the price
Contact Information

Contact: patrik laveryd
Location: ostermalm
goteborg, Sweden 42161
Telephone: 0046737400088