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    Default Forum Problems

    I don't know who to contact reagrding the problems I am having. I can log into the forum with my user name and password but I can't log in to sell anything. I keep getting an error message - Sorry. Your username was not found. I am using the same username that I log into the forum with.
    Also, I cannot change my email address. I keep getting a message thet my sig is too long- even if I delete all the text in my sig.
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    Another problem although not as important is that my pm's that I send are not ever stored. Only the ones that I received.

    My log in name is garwood.
    Please let me know what to do or who to contact.

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    Default Re: Forum Problems

    Classifeds require you to re register for them, you can't just use your forum registration. Signatures are turned off at this time but I can change your email address for you, just pm me. And for saving PM's there is a box you check at the bottom of the pm to do just that. Check the box the sent pm is saved.

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    Default Re: Forum Problems

    It used to be one had to register SEPARATELY for the Forums, the Classifieds, and the Galleries. Eventually we fixed the software (not really me....but the other web guys) so the Forums and Galleries were the same. Next, the Classifieds will be rolled in and there will be one SINGLE login!

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