Congrats on your new Viper! If you think you have some power now, join the VCA and supercharge your ownership experience! Here is what one member wrote recently, "Dodge and the VCA make owning a Viper an unprecedented ownership experience." Why is that? Because VCA members are family - a family of 4000+ worldwide enjoying all the great benefits the club has to offer. And joining couldn't be an easier, just click here to join today.

Local club isn't local to you? Don't sweat it. Even if you never attend a single event, you get plenty of great benefits such as:
  • Eligibility to enter the VCA raffles, featuring some spectacular Vipers that you can win
  • $1,000,000 liability insurance at official VCA Social events
  • Access to exclusive VCA merchandise, apparel, and much more
  • Exclusive offers such as our Monroney window sticker replacement program
  • Great discounts from supporting vendors like Woodhouse Dodge, Viper Days, and many, many more
  • Liaison to the manufacturer for outstanding support and information
  • The very latest Viper news from SRT
  • And much, much more!
But wait, that's not all! You will get immediate and recognizable benefits right here on the VCA forums when you join the club. Here is a list of the different forum categories and the privileges of each one:

Enthusiast & Viper Owner (unpaid guests)
  • Posting privileges in general Viper forums only
  • Unable to view or post in VCA Member forum
  • Unable to post in the VCA Regional forums
  • Unable to post in VCA Viper Events and Gatherings forum
  • Unable to post in the Grail Trail (Herb Helbig) forum
  • Unable to have an avatar
  • Unable to post a signature
  • Unable to view actual content in Illustrated Upgrades
  • Gallery privileges up to 3 MB of uploads
  • Up to 100 Private Messages allowed
  • Classified ad posting of $30 per ad
As you can see, a "Viper Owner" has no more benefits than an "Enthusiast" - not one. Not bad mind you, but not NEARLY as much as a VCA Member receives:

VCA Member (paid members)
  • Posting privileges in all general Viper Forums
  • Posting & viewing privileges in VCA Members forum
  • Posting privileges in VCA Regional forums
  • Posting privileges in the Grail Trail (Herb Helbig) forum
  • Posting privileges in VCA Viper Events and Gatherings forum
  • Ability to upload and display personal avatar (Vipers only please)
  • Ability to write and use personal signature for all posts
  • Ability to see all content in Illustrated Upgrades
  • Gallery privileges up to 500 MB of uploads
  • Up to 5000 Private Messages allowed
  • FREE Classified ad posting
  • Access to exclusive SRT merchandise in VCA Members forum
  • Future exclusives such as VCA private auctions, online renewals, and much more!
Oh, and if you have elected the Venom option, you get even more benefits including a color-coordinated VENOM tag to show just how much you support the VCA - like this one:

As a Viper owner you are eligible to join the VCA with a VERIFIABLE Dodge Viper VIN. If you wish to join the VCA simply call VCA headquarters at 800-677-4321 with your credit card and VIN in hand. You can also join online 24/7 simply by clicking here. New members can join today for just $115! Now if you are currently listed as an Enthusiast and want your status upgraded to Viper Owner, drop a PM to either Lee (Lee00blacksilverGTS) or Tony (ViperTony) with your Viper VIN and we will get you set up as quickly as possible. Just remember that if you really want to get the very most from this site, VCA Membership is the King of the Hill - take your Viper ownership to the next level!

Thanks for visiting,