Every year our club custom designs and creates its own Illinois License plate (yes its real). We go through a LOT to get the state to approve its design. Were the only Viper club that does its own plate! The plate is not a fund raiser for the club, its offered at cost to all those enthusiasts wanting a Viper plate for their car or a very unique collectible.

Weve completed our 2008 plate and it looks great! Our theme was the Detroit Viper Owners Invitational. And of course it has the attitude we love to put on our own products! Keep in mind, because they are commemorative plates, they are only good for 90 days. Weve scheduled these plates to be used during the period over the Viper Owners Invitational, so for the great many of you going, its a good time to show it off!

Go grab a set, for your Viper, other cars, a keepsake, or for the garage wall. Its unique, collectible, and wont be available again. Every year is a different design. Any questions can go to Gary Grube (who coordinates these plates for us!), his email is [email protected].

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