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    Well I dont know what to say!! After about dreaming of getting a viper for the past 15 years its finally happened. It still feels like a dream and i have to go check on the car to make sure its still there!!

    My new baby was delivered this past Friday, from Max motors. It is an '01 GTS, and i joined the FASTEST viper club cause its RED, it has 12k miles on it and is pretty much perfect!! It was traded in by a VCA member on a new '08, so I know it was in good hands from the previous owner!

    Max Motors was great to deal with being over 1000 miles away the transaction went perfectly. I did fly out to inspect the car, but after seeing the car in person I realized I really didnt have to, it was just as described and was perfect! They had no problem putting the stock cats back on it for me, so I would pass PA inspection, and also were more then willing to stay late and get it up on a lift for me to check it out. We even took a drive to their "snake pit" and I got to see all the new vipers they have in stock, it was pretty insane! So I would definitly recommend them for those in the market for a new viper.

    So the weather blows right now, we got hit with about 8inches of snow this past weekend, I could have guessed that would happen since the car was coming. So I have to wait for a nice day to take it out and get some more pictures of it!

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    Default Re: My new delivery from Max Motors!

    Congratulations! Beautiful car. Enjoy in good health.

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    Are the photos showing up?? They were when I first posted and now i just see the URL??

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    Great looking GTS!! Glad to know its another person who understands that red is fastest! let me help with the pics. Instead of [media] and [/media], it should've been [img] and [/img]

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    Thanks Chad, that fixed it

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