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    Default OMG 09 ACR ride - schwing! (video)

    Was at our new track this weekend and what a blast it was letting the snake stretch its legs on it. The ACR and a new ZR-1 were at it for a while and it was fun to watch, both seasoned drivers.

    But the highlight was having a pro-driver take me around the track in a new '09 ACR. I thought I was a decent driver but the combination of him taking it to the edge at each section of the track in this awesome machine was simply exhilarating as a passenger. And his heartrate never increased, but mine was up there as each corner got closer at incredible speeds.

    DODGE scored a big hit with the ACR. All I can say is - SCHWING ! :-)

    Anyway while I was working one of the corners I shot a few minutes of video of the various cars flying by. You'll probably notice the fast car in the first session and then the second one for the slower ones.


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    Default Re: OMG 09 ACR ride - schwing! (video)

    Nothing stock that I've run into can touch a stock ACR on a road course and that includes many modified ones also

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