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    Confused Install new brakes and pads

    Trying to change brakes and rotors on 2001 viper with ABS. Cant seem to get the calipers and rotors apart on the driver rear side due to the rotors having a lip on the outer edge and not being able to spread the calipers apart. The e brake works together with the car brakes so the brake piston has to be rotated as you push it back in. Unlike the pre 2001 vipers, I'm unable to take the pads out with the rotor in place,:dunno there is no pin. Anybody know how?

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    I'm thinking that you are trying to take the whole assembly off at once. There are two pieces, the caliper assembly and the caliper adapter assembly (not positive about the terminology.) The caliper assembly bolts to the adapter assembly with some fairly small head bolts. You loosen them and the caliper assembly comes off, leaving the pads sitting on the rotor, in the adapter assembly. That adapter casting is bolted onto the upright by two large head bolts. You don't have to take that off unless you are removing the rotor. You will have to get a tool to rotate and push in the caliper piston before you install the new pads. Do not just try to push it in without screwing it in , or you will damage the e-brake adjuster mechanism.

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    Jim, even though i didnt think your advise was going to work i tried it and sure enough the calipers sliped off as the pads fell to the floor. Thank you, I had the angle grinder at the ready. I guess when I first tried I took off the whole assembly. Thanks again I put on my new rotors and brakes yesterday. My next project is my saging doors, front end alignment and new front tires.

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