Thread: Put deposit on 02 GTS need Viper Inspector in Chicago area

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    Default Put deposit on 02 GTS need Viper Inspector in Chicago area

    I am a newbie to the Viper Club, but have been so grateful for all the help from Forum Members that have been so kind and generous with advice and information.
    I just found my "dream" car today sitting in a dealership and put a deposit on it. It is an "02 GTS in Metallic Gray with Silver Stripes with 8486 miles on it.
    The VIN#1B3ER69E62V100883 and it scored an 85 with Auto Check. Completely stock, which is what I have been looking for. I really need to have someone qualified to an inspection so that I can move forward with the sale. The car is in Sycamore, Illinois, just outside Chicago. If anyone knows of a Viper Tech who I can hire to inspect this car for me, I would be very thankful. The salesman told me that this particular car was one of the last few made in '02 and has a special engine that has 506 Horsepower, rather than the normal 450 Hp. It has a special emblem that shows this. I will try to post a few pictures. Thank you, in advance.

    Robert (Treviso) Dotto
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