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    Default Dealing with a Forum Vendor

    I don't know if this is the appropriate place for this to be discussed, or even if it should be mentioned on the site at all, but here goes...

    How does one, short of legal action, deal with a forum vendor who is not supplying the parts that have been paid for?

    I have been chasing one vendor (who for obvious reasons won't be mentioned) to supply some parts since February. I paid for things up front, and am chasing this person for the last (and most important) of the parts. I keep getting the old "available soon" lines, and now this person won't return phone calls or emails.

    (This vendor is NOT located in the midwest, BTW, so no one can say "I told you so!" )

    I HATE to bring lawyers in to the mix, but I also hate to ge tthe run around like this. Any advice or guidance is appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Dealing with a Forum Vendor

    It would help to know which vendor you are referring to. If it is one of the good ones then the story they are giving is probably correct. If it is one of the vendors that is often mentioned here as being a thief then legal action may be your only recourse.

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    Default Re: Dealing with a Forum Vendor

    Might want to try the President of that region to see if they could assist. Would help to know vendor, the you will probably get appropriate response on action.

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    Default Re: Dealing with a Forum Vendor

    You have a PM, let's continue this offline.

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