And congrats on the new ride!
VCA-OH is probably the region with the most events each year. I think we had 8 formal events; 3 multi-region events, and a couple of "unsanctioned" (LOL) events last year.
It seemed like every other week I was getting an email from the club about an event somewhere in the state, or nearby in a border state.
You'll have a GREAT time this spring/summer/fall. I can almost guarantee it!

The one event that Randall missed from 2011 was the Tail Of The Dragon!
VCA-TN/AL invited everyone to join them, so I went down to represent VCA-OH.
When I was first asked if I wanted to go, I said, "The Dragon is only 11 miles long? How many times can you REALLY do it in a day?"
But I went down anyway.
1100 miles later......I arrived home.

TOTD is sort of a novelty. The REAL fun is the Cherohola Skyway (road to TOTD) and the Foothills Parkway (road from TOTD). THOSE roads are fun, fun, fun, fun, oh, and fun!
The dinners and side cruises are a blast too. The view from Clingman's Dome was pretty spectacular as well.
I'll be going again in 2012!