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    Default So Cal - Arizona joint event

    So Cal / Arizona Joint Club Event
    March 16 - 18, 2012

    We have invited Arizona to So Cal to team up and participate in the
    Annual Corvette Charity Auto-X in Indio on
    MARCH 17

    Riverside County Fairgrounds
    Which Benefits the ALS Lou Gehrigs Disease
    and The Boys and Girls of Cathedral City
    Proceeds from both events will be split

    Click this Vipers vs Vettes


    We will have a cocktail gathering at the Fantasy Springs Hotel on Friday evening. The 12th Floor Lounge sits high atop the hotel with great views of the valley. We will meet up with our Arizona guests and plan our strategies for setting the low time at the Auto-X. Fantasy Springs Resort [84-245 Indio Springs Pkwy, Indio CA 92203/color]

    ALL VIPERS will meet in the west hotel parking lot at 8:00 am on Saturday morning. We will put #'s on the cars and take care of all the registration paperwork BEFORE heading to the Fairgrounds. This will eliminate having to wait in the line with everyone else at the Fairgrounds to register. We will leave the Hotel promptly at 8:30am
    We have made special arrangements with the organizers to restrict the first couple of hours to Vipers and Corvettes ONLY. This event is open to the public....but we will get our own time block to run in so we won't have long wait times. The course will go hot at 9:00 am sharp and we have 2 hours to get our runs in. It will be a tight battle between the Vipers and Vettes. A special trophy will be presented to Team Viper or Team Corvette based on a cumulative time from the lowest 5 times of each team.

    We will leave the Fairgrounds around 12:00 and head for lunch.
    After lunch, we will take a nice little cruise up Hwy 74 to the lookout and then drop back into the valley and stop off at Shields Date Garden for date shakes.

    Later that evening, the Vipers and Corvettes will meet for a big group dinner close to the Fantasy Springs Hotel

    Sunday morning we will check out of the hotel and head to the Palm Springs Tram at 10:00 am. We will have lunch at the top of the hill and enjoy the magnificent views.

    They have an exciting Traveling Trophy that someone will win at this event... sharpen up your cone skills, Viper-boys, 'cuz they claim it's not travelin' far!

    Please bring yours, or borrow one if possible. The Corvette Club has a few loaners available.

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    Default Re: So Cal - Arizona joint event

    Well Mother Nature spoiled the plans for the Arizona group which is really too bad. Everyone who braved the bad weather forecasts and made the drive out on Friday and left on Sunday were treated to a really great weekend in Palm Springs.

    The good news is that the Vipers beat the Corvettes in the Charity Auto-x and took the traveling trophy. We will be defending our title again very soon and would love to invite the Arizona members to join us.

    Here are a few of the pictures from the weekend:

    Team Viper with the First Place trophy

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