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    I just sold my '08 SSG. The new owner picks it up on Monday. And while the Gen IV was fun, now I am looking to pick up a B&W Gen 2...the car I truly dreamed about when I was younger.

    I've got my eye on one and the seller sent me about 60 pictures today. I'd greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at these pictures and let me know of any obvious issues that you see? The car has about 9K miles on it and seems pretty clean inside and out. I don't think there have been any modifications either. I think there were 3 previous owners and the Carfax shows no record of damage or repair.

    Here's the link to the pics on photobucket:

    A few things I've noticed and am inquiring to the seller about are:

    1. There seems to be screw missing on top frontside of the passenger side sill. Also, there appears to be what I assume is a water spot/bubble there, but from the picture it almost looks like a pop rivet. I know the paint sometimes bubbles in this area, so I am requesting a new picture.

    2. I can't tell if there is damage to the front part of the passenger side door jam. I'm requesting a new picture of this too.

    3. I assume those are the original tires? And while they may be dried out at this point, the wear pattern looks good to me?

    4. I don't see that the steering differential frame repair recall was ever addressed on the CarFax report. I had to have this done on my old red '97 GTS, but took it to Roanoke. Is there anyone here locally in the St. Louis area who is truly qualified to do this?

    Please add to this list if you see anything else!

    Thanks so much!


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    Here are a few of the things that I'm asking the seller about...


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    Default Re: Help! Out with the NEW & In With The OLD!

    Ohh Barry- My wife is NOT gonna be happy you sold the SSG

    I had some paint bubbles from the heat on that upper side sill area on my b/w GTS.

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    Default Re: Help! Out with the NEW & In With The OLD!

    Tires are not original. Look like PS2's. Looks like damage to the door jam IMO. Screw definitely missing from the passenger side sill.

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    Michael, please give Stephanie my condolences and apologies! :-)

    The Gen IV was an awesome car, but it was never "my" dream car. When I think about the car I always dreamed about owning when I was younger, it always comes back to a B&W GTS. Then again...I haven't seen what is in store for April 4th either! Perhaps the money should sit in the bank for another month or so just in case I fall in love with a new dream car when the Gen V is released! :-)

    And thanks for your input too, Bob. I posted this same question on the GTS forum and have gotten quite a few responses there. Here's the link:!

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