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    Any recomendations for a moderate dry shot setup on a stock gen 3?

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    Now I love TWIN TURBO and S/C Vipers and am not afraid to buy them and do not agree that the value is less then a stock Viper from my personal experiences, I totally stay away from not just Vipers but ANY car that I know has been sprayed. I have NEVER seen any HOTROD that is on spray to last very long. My family members and their friends mostly all use spray on their race cars and have all the knowledge what they are doing and they are constantly tearing their motors down to fix damaged motors due to their desire to do so...people that are able to rebuild their motors at the drop of a dime, race hard and at all cost to win do not worry about the extra power they can gain from doing so.
    That is why I swear by TURBOS And S/C motors with no NOS. DRIVING THESE cars is like having instant spray always, no bottle to fill, you control the boost, use good fuel and use that extra power when you want to and feel good about the tune and build and not feel that doing so once in a while is fixing to blow your motor apart.
    Soooo when I shop for my next Viper, I do not give my money for any one that I find out was on the bottle ever.

    Quote Originally Posted by NTD929 View Post
    Any recomendations for a moderate dry shot setup on a stock gen 3?

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    wet shot only ! dry shot is going to cause issues.

    and the year matters !

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