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    A big thanks to the Kooser's for finding this very special place and to the Gordons for planning a wonderful murder mystery weekend!

    Part of the group headed down to Ft. Scott stopping at what may be the nicest rest area in Kansas complete with a small museum and information for the area.

    Along the way a large cloud of smoke appeared on the highway. Firetrucks, ambulance, and state troopers were diverting oncoming traffic in the other direction due the the flaming van in the middle of the highway. Looked like everyone walked away but the van
    would not be driving anywhere soon.

    The group met a few more Vipers in Ft. Scott and members spent the night in all the three of the brick B&B mansions. Beautiful homes now B&B's and built in the 1886 by brothers who were bankers.
    The homes were state of the art at the time complete with intercom systems and custom woodwork.
    This mansion had 7 bedrooms.
    The name of this mansion is the Von Blucher-insert horse neigh sound- for those with a sense of Young Frankenstein humor.

    The music room in the front gallery.

    The library complete with a fireplace imported from England.

    To check out all three Mansions, The Von Blucher, The Lyons, & the Twin visit :

    The murder mystery dinner had two tables with two different mysteries. One was the really rowdy table from out west.

    A great weekend of fun had by all in Ft. Scott.

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    Default Re: Murder Mystery Weekend Ft. Scott

    That weekend was a blast! Best time I've had in a long time. Looking foward to more fun drives with you all!

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    Default Re: Murder Mystery Weekend Ft. Scott

    Glad everyone had a good time! I know we did!

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