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    I'm planning on tracking my 04 and when I was having the tires balanced today I noticed that they used stick on plus a clip on the inside of the wheel. With the speeds on a track will it throw the clip/tap on weight off?

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    I've always asked for stick on only and aluminum wheel weight tape over top for good measure.

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    That's a great idea. Thanks! I was not feeling comfortable thinking of the speeds and slinging a weight at the speeds of road Atlanta. I have not tracked yet but I road with a friend in his Lotus and we were doing 137 at one point on the course.

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    I am my own pit crew / mechanic, have my own tire machine and balancer.

    I use stick on close to the spokes, and clip on at the inside of the rim.
    I have had the car at 185mph and didn't lose any weights.
    I used to drift the car a lot around hairpin turns and didn't lose any weights
    I have had the front tires chatter during understeer (while still cold in the morning session 1st lap) and didn't lose any weights.
    I have had the car 'off in the weeds' multiple times and didn't lose any weights.
    I managed a 720 spin once, stayed on the track and didn't lose any weights.
    I hit a big rock once with the right front tire while sliding sideways off the track, it blew the tire off the rim, damaged the car so that I had to ride home on a tow truck. But guess what, the weights were still intact.

    You will have other things that you need to be more concerned about than the clip on weights while at the track.-believe me.

    ......not a stupid question though....

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    stick on weights will not cut loose unless you do not get the wheel very clean, thats the key, clean grease free wheel.

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