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    Default North Central Florida VCA Christmas Party

    On Sat Dec 28th we had a great Christmas party which was held at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. Dick Winkles was kind enough to attend during which he gave a wonderful presentation. He did a power point presentation on the V10 development from '89 to the present. He discussed the early V10 development work in Italy, including all the folks initially involved, and continued up to the present day. He even included pictures of his car collection. After his presentation there was no doubt left that Dick is a true "car guy".
    We had reserved Viper parking which itself was a show. Prior to Dick's presentation, we toured the museum along with an exotic car dealership located behind the museum and then had dinner.
    Dick fielded many questions during and after his presentation. One of the many questions and discussions concerned the new Pennzoil oil used by the new Viper. Dick strongly recommended the new oil over Mobile 1 even in older cars due to increased additives in the new oil.
    Dick brought along some signed Viper parts which were auctioned off. VPA also donated raffle items. Dick was very kind to sign any items that members wished to be signed. All the VCA members in attendance had a great time and left with many new trivia facts regarding the Viper.
    Thanks to North Central Florida VCA president Cathy Smiley and husband Jim for setting up this fun event. Special thanks to Dick Winkles for making our party truly memorable
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    Default Re: North Central Florida VCA Christmas Party

    Yes Dave,
    It truly was a great time to be with all of our Viper family's, coming from all over to vist.
    Cathy Smiley and husband Jim did a awsome job to get this accomplished, without a wrinkle.
    Dick Winkles held the whole room with attention with the his presention about the "Viper"years.
    He is a great guy!.Tons of information!
    Thanks to all.

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