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    Question 2014 Membership Renewal Progress

    I would appreciate an update from the club on the progress for this year's membership renewals. I am hoping for positive news

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    Hi George,

    Hope all is well with you and yours. Just heard from Eddie and it seems that he is recovering from some type of oral surgery.

    Renewals are behind last year due to all of the drama caused by the recent spin off of another group that is starting another club. This has caused some to renew slower than usual for 2014. FYI, we are moving along well with a steady flow of renewals from all over the USA, Canada and Europe. We are quite viable as an entity right now. I noticed that Tim just renewed recently while some in AZ have decided to go with the other group initially, quite a few AZ members have already renewed and we expect more to come.

    Wish you well with your driving this year.

    Will you be running with NARRA again or ?

    As a track guy, you will love our plans for VOI 13 if we can pull it all together, and we're very close.....stay tuned.


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    Default Re: 2014 Membership Renewal Progress

    Hey Dan.

    Good to hear from you. It is also good to hear that the club has reached a viable renewal level. Like many, I can't take too much drama, but I like the progress on changes and appreciate the history of the club. Looking forward to VOI 13!

    As for NARRA, that's a tough one. They seem to have given up on the West. I will definitely run NOLA (note that it is on the West Bank of the Mississippi), but I just can't do all those trips out to the east coast. Bummer.

    There are lot's of great tracks out west and I am sure that we will meet up at one of them.

    Tell Ralph when you see him that Loralee loves her new SRT8 300.


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