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    I just read the last post from Nsane1 about the magazines, and I feel ashamed, I think everyone forgets how hard the VCA guys work to run this club, I sure could not do it. I have been in this club since it first started and always took for granted how good it is, yes there has been some tough times, but when has anything good been easy, not in my life anyway. So lets all pull together and get through this, its a great club with good people. So anyway I got my magazines, thank you, and I apologize for the little zings I throw now and then. I appreciate all the VCAs hard work.

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    Thanks Steve, we (especially me) throw our own zings every once in awhile. Enjoy the mags, the next one is shaping up to be pretty cool...

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    steve e

    I am sure your post was most welcome, and indeed refreshing.

    It is when things get tough that you know who your real friends are.

    Seems that no good deed goes unpunished.

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    Our magazines finally showed up in the UK

    Thank you to all that made this happen.

    Best of luck for the future.

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    Thanks Steve. Its been interesting around here for the past few months.

    Fatboy_18 - glad to see they arrived. Hopefully the rest of the EU membership starts to get them. Hard to beleive it took a month for them to travel across the pond.

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