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    Twenty years ago in July, Chrysler hosted the first Viper homecoming in Auburn Hills, which became the Viper Owners Invitational. Since this club is going back to its roots, we thought it would be appropriate to re-live the original homecoming as our first national gathering. Chrysler is opening the doors to the Viper plant and their facilities to us and we’re heading back to Auburn Hills for the weekend of July 19th. Like the first VOI, this event will not be a track-oriented event, but a social gathering. See how the Viper is built, take a lap around the high-speed oval of their test track, and join us for a cruise to the German town of Frankenmuth. (We’re making this spouse-friendly.) There’ll be lots of other surprises, too! Of course, every night, there’ll be a dinner so you can party with your Viper friends!

    Since most of you don’t want to stay in downtown Detroit, we’ve booked the Marriott hotel in Auburn Hills as our headquarters hotel, about 30 miles north of Detroit, in the shadow of Chrysler’s headquarters and the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. Not only is the neighborhood is nicer there, it’s cheaper, too! These are regular-sized hotels, not Casinos, so we’ll only be able to accommodate around 500 people in the ballroom. Sign up early if you want to come! Details will follow, but mark your calendar. It’s gonna be a fun time!

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    Sounds great!!

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    My understanding of this event from SRT is that it is an SRT event where the other club is handling some of the logistics since the other club came up with the idea.

    SRT currently intends that the plant and other facilities will be open to Viper owners not just members of one club or the other.

    Of course there will be social functions exclusive to members of the other club.

    I also understood that as of last week the non social event details were in the early, initial stages of planning by SRT.

    VOI 13 put on by the VCA in September at COTA in Texas will be open to all Viper owners. All contracts have been signed and SRT will have a presence at VOI 13.
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    Thanks for the info sound like a great event, love to hang out with some more viper fanatics. Let us know all the details when available.

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