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    Default High pitched noise

    Just got back from a nice trip, to Nashville, Tenn. drove my 95 viper, FUN FUN, 80 mph is about 1400 RPM good gas
    mileage about 24. Sucks in town, who cares. No issues, got home back to Florida I hear, a high pitch noise from the belt area, belt, bearings from a pully?? only 23,300 miles. any Ideas out there. Going in for a oil change and check up next
    week. anyone else with this noise or issue, charging system seems good.

    thanks Brad

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    Default Re: High pitched noise

    I would guess tensioner, a new one isn't too badly priced. You could remove the belt and spin each pulley separately to see/feel any drag on the pulley bearings.

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    Default Re: High pitched noise

    The problem isn't the low mileage, it's that your car is about 19 years old. I would check belt tensioner as mentioned above. I would also check belt, it might be on it's way out.

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    Default Re: High pitched noise

    could be alternator bearings going out too. got a stethoscope?, a hose or something you could put your ear up to to pinpoint it?

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