Thread: Is there a "Sub-Club" of Track Rats?

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    Default Is there a "Sub-Club" of Track Rats?

    Once upon a time I was tracking at Laguna Seca and heard about a sub-group of Viper track rats. I seem to recall the group being based in SoCal and called the sidewinders.

    I would like to participate in that sort of group.

    Does such a group exist? If so, how do I make contact?

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    Default Re: Is there a "Sub-Club" of Track Rats?

    Go to there is a special section for track events.

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    Default Re: Is there a "Sub-Club" of Track Rats?

    Yes the sidewinders are very active. We are proud to have Dan and Kathy down here in TX tearing up our tracks now, they proudly wear their sidewinder hats, and I keep trying to get one... Have fun!

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