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    Default Somewhat new member - actively looking.

    I don't post a lot but I try to contribute when I have something constructive to say. In January I will be seeking my first Viper even though I've has unrestcted access to a Gen2 previously. I will be looking for a Silver Gen3 convertible but will happily pop for a Gen4 if I can get one that is NOT a Mamba editiom. I'd prefer a 2004-05 and will promptly begin a laundry list of mods I have learned thanks for the wealth of knowledge I have gained here.

    I am 45 and live in Fort Myers Florida and would like to be able to be involved in the forums with a little less restriction. I have emailed two moderators and asked to be granted permission for the South Florida forums and received no answer. What is necessary to proceed?

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    No Mamba editions in Gen 4 years so you won't have to worry about that. Unless you join the VCA you won't get access plus there is also more than 1 owners association. Good luck. Beautiful 04 silver that was traded in to a dealer in Franklin Indiana. Fletcher Automotive

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    I think you have to be a VCA member to post in the individual state forums? Good luck in your search, I hope you find one, we have a great Florida club
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    Default Re: Somewhat new member - actively looking.

    PM sent....

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