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    Default Calling all South Louisiana owners

    I live in the northeast corner of LA just north of Hammond. Is there anybody out there within willing driving distance that would like to plan a get together one weekend this summer? I'm thinking a meet and greet then a drive to somewhere fun for the evening or maybe even overnight, such as Biloxi or downtown NOLA(make sure your insurance is paid Or maybe we could plan a mini car show at one of the Veterans homes around. I am actually going to Jackson, La in September to the VA home with my local club (Golden Oldies of Hammond) for a day of car show and cookout for our much appreciated vets. And it's an open invite so you don't have to be a club member to enter.

    Or, we could just meet up and get to know each other and have a local dinner. Other options are welcome. Just thought I would throw this out since there aren't many of us around these parts. Unfortunately, driving 8 hours to Dallas and such places is a little too far out of my comfort zone to participate in the Southern events, which I do hate because I bet they are a blast.

    Even if we don't do anything, it would be nice to know who my fellow Viper neighbors are. What ya' think??

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    Default Re: Calling all South Louisiana owners

    Adrenaline Rally is putting on an event in July at NOLA. Please check out their facebook page for more details:

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