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    image.jpgAd pending in classifieds. For sale: 2009 Dodge Viper ACR in snake skin green with 7k miles in Kansas City. I am the original adult owner of this car and this is the third Viper I have owned. The car is in excellent condition and has no mechanical or cosmetic issues. This car has never been on a track or raced. It has had no accidents. The car is completely stock mechanically and has be meticulously maintained. From a cosmetic standpoint, the additions include carbon fiber door sill covers and a MGW shift knob. The drivers stripe was professionally painted after the purchase and the matching steering wheel insert added. It has had a clear bra installed since the first week of ownership, on the front, mirrors, lower rear quarters and side sills. The clear bra does a great job of protecting the paint but does have a few scuffs from getting in and out of the car. All the original factory accessories will be included in the purchase such as the custom car cover, front splitter insert, manuals, keys fobs and 12 volt tire pump. Priced at $80k. [email protected]
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