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    I've been a Viper fan since the first gen. After 2 years of research on the Viper and AM Vantage, I ended up finding a great deal on a Gen V and couldn't resist. I'm still learning the car and may do the SRT track event at VIR. I'm one of the hosts of C&CR (Cars & Coffee Richmond) and have a sick passion for cars that I could possibly do without but can't live without. I had this car delivered from California and I've been a proud owner for about 2 months now. Here's some pics:

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    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
    ― Winston Churchill

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    I see I left my question out of my initial post but... Maybe I'm bad at searching but does anyone know if there's some kind of security for the front hood? It's a bit too easy for someone to walk up and open it at the moment.

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    Welcome and glad to see another Viper in Virginia.

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    Welcome to the NOVA here.

    As to the hood, I can't comment on the Gen V, but the Gen IV has the same issue. The hood release is accessible to anyone in the front fascia.

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    Welcome to Viper Nation. Pop me a PM with your email and I can get you on our mailing list. I use it to send updates on events happening in the area.

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    Great looking car, enjoy
    2001 RT-10, 2008 SRT-10, 2013 GTS

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