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I bet we would have sold more tickets if we just said it was cash, and it certainly would have been a lot easier.
I doubt that.

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With the headwinds that exist (lack of Viper enthusiasm, defamation, libel and slander from despicable individuals) we obviously can't sell more than 500 tickets no matter what we do.
Do you honestly believe those factors were responsible for the poor ticket sales? The factors you site were all known prior to the start of the second raffle, yet it was held anyway.
The project was overly ambitious based on the results of the previous raffle. It's that simple. I don't think anyone is surprised at the results. Not enough members/owners interested. I don't believe the factors you continue to blame for poor ticket sales are really relevant.
Regardless it resulted in an inflow of cash for the club so no one should be disappointed. I honestly don't believe much more was expected.