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    Default 2012 ZL1 to 2014 Viper?

    As much as I love my '12 ZL1 I'm likely going to pull the trigger tmrw and trade it for a '14 Viper. Getting $45k for my car on trade, factor in 5% tax savings in the trade in value and that makes it $47.3k. The viper had a MSRP of $143k and picking it up for $101k. Note, these are cdn dollars and the exchange rate today was 1 CAD = .76 USD.... To help put things into perspective for prospective buyers that may want to look north of the border.
    There seems to be quite a discount on the Gen Vs and asking prices all over the map, so simply looking for some feedback on the Gen Vs and the price point of $101?

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    Default Re: 2012 ZL1 to 2014 Viper?

    That's a good deal if my math is right on the CAD side, and looks like you're getting an ok deal on the trade (last gen vette takes a hit). You might be able to tweak a grand or more, but it walking away with a brand new Gen 5 at 42kUSD is an awesome deal. Taking the trade out of it 76k is decent, I've seen a little better, Ive seen worse, but with the CAD and trade-in, I can't tell exactly but sounds great.

    What sounds great is the trade from a C6 to a Gen 5 Viper, you will absolutely love it, I hope it works out, and you MUST post pics!

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    Default Re: 2012 ZL1 to 2014 Viper?

    Thanks for the feedback Nsane1 - much appreciated. This is kind of feedback I was looking for. The ZL1 is actually the camaro so that said perhaps a better deal yet .
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    Default Re: 2012 ZL1 to 2014 Viper?

    Did i just get screwed then...i just purchased a brand new 2014 GTS w laguna sepia interior and the track pak for 96k usd...bummer

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