Sorry to say that I had another bad experience buying product from john B of Viper PartsRack.

I purchased items in the past including a pulley set years ago and a set of tires and both times the owner "john B " was arrogant and pushy.

The items I bought in the past were priced OK, but the attitude and service was horrible. It took forever for my stuff to be shipped out. And John B is so P-U-S-H-Y to get me to buy more stuff that I really do not need

So I currently needed a "no drill" front license plate holder for my 1997, and he has them. I reluctantly call him to purchase one since/only because no one else I know offers a "no drill" front plate holder .

I get the item, and it's nothing near to what was described on the phone by John B. He sends m two pieces of soft plastic clips, 4 screws, NO instructions and charges my credit card $60. When I called to complain that I feel that this is not what I expected or what was described over the phone by him, he gets arrogant, nasty and hangs up.

I will be sending the item back and putting a dispute in with my credit card.

This is the last time I deal with this guy.