It has come to my attention that the club is done. No!!! We are on track with the membership enrollment, as we have been for the past two years. We just don't hammer our members in to signing up. To those who are saying we are done, well? I do want to let members know that we don't use members next year dues until we are sure the club will be there for them. Look for the upcoming VOI announcement and other events. We are looking for people to set up local clubs and regions. Its time to get back to the passion of the Viper.

Bill White
Your Club President

PS: All past members who no longer own their Vipers. We have heard that you still carry the Passion and want to meet with your Viper friends. The VCA has set up a membership catagory called Legacy Members so that you can continue your friendships within the Viper Community. You will receive your past membership number.

PS: To all past members who still own your Vipers. If you decide to become a member again you can get your old
membership number back.