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    Hi guys
    i am doing a gen 3 powerplant swap in my 67 mercedes benz 250s and my question is if i decide to supercharge it how much power can the factory oem t56 handle
    before id need to beef it up? or would i even need to worry about it? any advice/ input you guys have would be greatly appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runninfast89 View Post
    More than likely the transmission will be fine. It really depends on each individual transmission and how you drive it. I am not sure what the weight difference is from your car and a Viper, but that can also change the holding capacity of the transmission. I can tell you that we have street trim Vipers making 1000hp on stock T56 transmissions.

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    It depends on how much torque you make and how you drive it. I have a blown GTS that makes over 900 lb ft of torque. I've gotten a couple of years out of each factory transmission (including multiple passes at the track and a lot of spirited driving) before they've let go. Used ones were so cheap, I considered them disposable. However, having gotten sick of the downtime, I'm now having a Magnum TR6060 conversion done on mine so it doesn't happen again.

    But if you're only making 600 lb ft of torque or so, you should be fine for quite a while.

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    thank you so much Will and Johnny much appreciated reasons why I joined this forum for clean cut straight to the point answers like this again thank you

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