First, let me say nothing is going away. All posts and forums will be preserved.

The first thing we are tackling is the Regions. Most of them will get new names and as you can see will start out as new. we won't be pouring old posts in to make them busy. We have an exciting year coming and everything will be current.. I know I'm excited

Some of the Regions are not there yet. We are still working on those new names and the coverage area, so if yours is missing...... don't panic. However, by all means... blame me.

We will also over the coming days, maybe weeks do a little reorganization of how you see things. We won't be changing colors or function, well, with the exception of the attachments, that really needed to be fixed.

Here is what I'm asking.

Simply, your input

I know I put that in another post, but I think it really needs to be part of this thread.

Please be serious