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    Default Hello North Atlantic Region

    Hi All,

    Now that we've confirmed this region includes Eastern Pennsylvania, I'll kick things off by saying hello. I know that most of us in PA are not driving our Vipers right now, so let's look forward to the spring. If you know about any car shows, please post them. It will be great to meet other owners and I'm already counting down the days until spring (32).

    '97 GTS with gold wheels (1 of 7)

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    Default Re: Hello North Atlantic Region

    Thank you for kicking things off...

    Yes, It is cold up here in the north right now

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    Default Re: Hello North Atlantic Region

    I am also looking forward to the warmer weather approaching us very soon. Still cold here in Northern VA Can't wait to do some meet ups with fellow viper owners.

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    Default Re: Hello North Atlantic Region

    Hi Mark, conversely, if you know of any good shows or events, pass them on to me and I will send out.

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