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    Quote Originally Posted by Free2go View Post
    I think I've stated on multiple occasions that I want to see you get that Viper. You'll make a good addition to the club. Hang in there
    Thanks man

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    Nice thread.. divorced, remarried a few times, I can follow it from both sides..

    I got my first Viper (I can say that now because I just got my second!! WooHoo) and literally 'drove the piss out of it', did not have a garage, and stored it in a friends garage/rented shop, to keep it out of the weather.
    It took 5000 miles and some study to learn how to corner it it was so well balanced.. I had a LOT of respect for it, it still got away from me a few times (note: rear wing NECESSARY on high speed corners). It was a fun
    car, I put about 24,000 miles on it within a year, apart from my work vehicle. I can identify with the OP, life is for living, cars are for driving... when I sold the first Viper, 2 local policeman, 2 state troopers looked me up to say
    THANKS! and shake my hand....

    This new Viper, is being enjoyed, and used totally different than the first.. I learned that a few tickets, a couple of claims, and my insurance cost increased which made the cost of driving my first Viper prohibitive...

    Best wishes on 'getting' your Viper.... enjoying it, and dealing with people who will tailgate you to push you to 'hit it'... it is a car that brings out the best, and worst in others... anger management can be key to having a good day...
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    Thanks man

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    I figured id keep this thread for questions while I start looking before I can start shopping.

    TNT King snake? Lingenfelter 542? Supercharged? Opinions or advice?

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