Over the past few months an informal inquiry has been made. This also includes some unsolicited opinions and recommendations.

It has been brought up that "some" would post more if threads and topics weren't so confrontational.

Also, "some" would post more if topics weren't dragged to off topic conversation

I understand we as humans, both of these happen let's say naturally and intentionally. I don't think I need to explain the difference.

The promise, I probably won't do anything about the natural progression that happens, however, the intentional diversion of a subject for what ever reason will be looked at more closely and cleaned up as needed. I'd like to see people contribute without there topic being diverted or feeling their going to get flamed for asking a question they don't have an answer to.

So for those that passed on there concerns, pass onto those friends, let's talk (type)

I can only speak for myself on this promise, so if I miss something, let me know