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    Default Oh My... '06 Copperhead on Vroom

    I'm eyeballing the market pretty close..getting ready for a March/April purchase.

    But this one... Oh my, if I lost all self control I could pull this one off right now.. it is an '06... but damn... Copper Head Orange
    Really want an '08 for all the obvious reasons... but there ain't a damn thing wrong with this one.

    This one - click here: Copper Head on VRoom

    Hey anybody here have any experience purchasing through VRoom?

    Price seems like it's in the pocket, whatdayathing?

    Searched around..didn't get any hits here on Vroom but out on the interwebs seems like most reviews are OK, some less than stellar.

    Happy Friday.

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    Default Re: Oh My... '06 Copperhead on Vroom

    Nice price, but that looks like gloss, not satin and there are 2-3 on Auto Trader, but they are 'verts.

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