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    Happy New Year guys! I am looking for a small advice here, if you can help me. Recently I have installed a lift table in my garage. I had to dig some holes to make it like what I was looking for. Now everything is set and I am planning to put the final touches by adding an epoxy floor coating. I have heard they last long. Is it true? I don't know about any other better solutions. So if there is any, can someone suggest me one? I have seen epoxy coated floor at a friends workshop and it looks good, but not sure if it has any drawbacks. It would be great if someone could advise me about it.
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    I have 15 year old epoxied floors in my garage and shop and they have held up well.

    Preparation and quality epoxy are the keys here. I used industrial grade epoxy. Stay away from the garbage at the big box stores.

    Post a picture of your floor and lift when you're done.

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    I had industrial epoxy put down and was prepped correctly
    Only lasted 5 years then started bubbling up and pieces started lifting
    My garage is just for car storage not a working garage

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    I used porcelain tile (12x12) which is positively bullet proof. Well worth the effort. I too had previous issues with epoxy--Dave
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    Quote Originally Posted by TalonTSi90 View Post
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