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    2013 viper GTS. 2100 miles, and the last 2 times that I drove it, I had my phone connected listening to music. After about an hour of driving, my screen quit working. It remains ON but the time, stations, volume, and everything else does not respond. Also when I shut off the car today, the radio and gauges stayed lit up even after I armed the alarm...any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    My 2014 did something similar once. I was using Navigation and it froze up , my phone was connected at the time also. They ended up
    "flashing" the computer in my car. It never did it again. My 2017 has never done it.

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    Hi Nick -
    Picked up a 2017 ACR brand new (5 miles on the clock)...second drive - my radio did the same thing. Instead of would just randomly jump from radio to sat and ultimately always end up on Aux. If it does it again - I'll take it in.

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