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    Default Pearl RearVision - the logical choice for a wireless backup camera system

    Reverse Logic is now stocking and shipping the Pearl RearVision wireless backup system. The system installs in 10 minutes without any cable connections.

    The system consists of three primary hardware components, the license plate frame, the OBD2 adapter, and a magnetic cell phone mount. It displays the rear camera image on your iPhone or Android cell phone. The OBD2 adapter generates a WiFi signal that allows the cameras to communicate with your cell phone.

    The system does require you to launch the Pearl RearVision app on your iPhone before an image is displayed. In practice this small inconvenience is not very annoying since you are probably handling your phone to mount it in its dashboard holder when you first enter your car.

    Reverse Logic will be demonstrating the system in Building T at the Spring Carlisle Car Show on April 19 thru 23 later this month.

    More details are available in the Reverse Logic online catalog.

    Pearl RearVision Wireless Backup System
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