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    What is the value of a set of 4 original 1996 Michelin Pilot SX tires? They have 4,000 miles and look new. You can still see the original stenciling between the tread
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    I don't know. If I was turning my car back to stock, I might fork over a hundred bucks each. You should hold on to them.

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    Absolutely no road value in my opinion. However, if they were. X G T's, a collector trying to bring back a 92-95 to "original" might offer a couple of hundred bucks.
    Note that both the 1996 R/ T 10 and GTS came with Mxx3 tires.
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    I'm keeping my MXX3s in case collectors go nuts like Vette restorers have, so their cars can be judged by the NCRS. Used bias ply tires can go for $500 each and an unused spare can go for $1,000.

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