Hello All,

I am signed up for a "Wanna go Fast" event at the end of the month- 1/2 mile on a runway. I have a 2015 that has about 1500 miles on it. Unfortunately when I had about 400 miles I ran over a screw on the front left tire. At the time I had to get it plugged and since then I didn't think too much about it. I have been advised not to take a plugged tire over 150MPH so I decided to purchase a new tire and since there are not that many miles on the other one- I was only planning on replacing the one. Now I am told that there are no more PZero tires but that it has been replaced with a "Corsa" version. What are my options?

Can I remove the plug and have the tire patched? Will this be safe?

Can I put a Corsa model on there? Both have a 94y rating.

Does anyone have a stock tire with low low miles that they will sell me?

Thank you for any input.