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    I have a '93 viper with very low miles. However, if you look at the dash you would think the car had 100,000 mile on it. I've checked with several body shops and no one knows how to repaint the dash. Anyone out there figure it out?

    I also want to repair/paint a rim that has been scratched. Does anyone know a good color match for powder coating?

    Thanks for the help


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    Many of the gen 1 guys here (including me) have repainted their dirty, scratched, sticky, ugly dashboard... It's an easy job. Search the forums here for DIY tips. Basically you loosen up the old sticky grey paint with oven cleaner then use steel wool to rub off/remove the original finish. Clean and re-spray. As for the rim, I can't help with a color match but you may want to look into buying a used replacement....perhaps a more cost effective solution.


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    Try the search and pop in Gen 1 dash.

    This is one of the many threads that came up.

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